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Egyptians  fighting Wahhabi's 


Wahhabis with billions dollars to spend and the inactivity of the international community spreads fear in BIH.

"What do you think, when will the next war start?" The question of the taxi driver at the SARAJEVO Airport comes as a surprised. The BOSNIAN war, which was waged from 1992 till 1995 has cost the life of almost 100,000 people, and now another war is looming over BIH?

The man is not the only one who is afraid. A site inspection in the capital SARAJEVO showcases a worrying scenario. With SWASTIKAS graffiti, fascist USTASHA CROATS provoke fellow MUSLIM citizens. RADICAL MUSLIMS in return pay homage to the terrorist militia "ISLAMIC STATE" (IS). Rumors about alleged terrorist camps in BOSNIA confuse and worry the public. Propaganda and mutual tattling dominate everyday life in nowadays BIH. The atmosphere, even after 20 years since the war’s end, still seems poisoned.  

(Due to the rough and partly unpopulated terrain of the north eastern part of the country and the high mountains in the south east, BIH is the ideal breeding ground for undetectable terrorist camps, as has been proven in past and present.)


In addition to the roughly 3.8 million BOSNIAKS, CROATS and SERBS now comes a new conflict party:  ARABIAN WAHHABIS. BIH is currently the scene of an unprecedented wave of investment by SHEIKHS of the ARABIAN PENINSULA. Investors from SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR and KUWAIT are buying large amount of land, erecting entire cities and by now are the largest employers in the country.


The WAHHABIS have proved an undeniable urge for proselytizing, as activities of the "SAUDI HIGH COMMISSION" soon after the war have proven. WAHABIS expect of their employees to follow their rigorous doctrine of salvation, and extreme dress codes.

Recently opened the first Arab-funded resort in Bosnia Osenik,
50 kms south of Sarajevo, with 160 individual houses
and apartments built around an artificial lake. (AP/Amel Emric)
Until recently WAHHABIS have not been considered to play a significant roll or threat to the 2.5 million extremely moderate BOSNIAN MUSLIMS. According to estimates by the BOSNIAN Interior Ministry the number of WAHHABIS operating in BIH are not "more than 5000". This figure however can change rather quickly now.  In TRNOVO, where a tourist city for 40,000 people is currently being constructed, the Investor from the EMIRATES announced to provide employment for 10,000 locals. This means that this project alone could triple the number of the BOSNIAN WAHHABI community.


Only with the utmost efforts, were the BOSNIAKS able to get rid of the “holy warriors” associated with AL QAEDA, who had come to fight for BIH during the war.  Yet with the large amount of influx of SUNNI billionaires such task will not be as easy as was the case after the war.  BOSNIANS fear an economic coercive proselytizing. 

In front of the KING FAHD MOSQUE a merchant mentions that an "invisible line" runs through the mosques. "On the one side are the WAHHABI, on the other side us moderate BOSNIAKS. We do not talk to each other. But we know that they hate us."

This sparks rumors. One of the most persisting rumors is that in the town of GRADACAC, WAHHABI converts receive 400 dollars a month. There is no proof. But the Internet portal VESTI is certain that the money comes from SAUDI ARABIA. (According to Geopolitical Analysis and Monitoring sources, SAUDI ARABIA is indeed one of the main provider of funds for WAHHABIS operating in BIH and that this practices are not rumors but reality)  


Cells with links to terrorist militia IS were located in GORNJA MAOCA, ZENICA, BIHAC and BRCKO. The BOSNIAN intelligence service OSA and the BIH police of the otherwise barely functioning state, in an joint effort managed to gain full control of the villages in question and arrested prominent WAHHABI leaders with the support of police liaison officers from GERMANY and AUSTRIA as well as their respective intelligence services.

House in BIH - IS insignia 
Nevertheless, suspicion and mistrust remains against BIH authorities. "There will be a point when us moderate MUSLIMS will have to eat pork in public and drink alcohol to prove the authorities that we are not SALAFI, but “good” MUSLIMS. But this cannot be the solution to the problem," a young woman complains to a reporter from the “Kurier”, an AUSTRIAN daily newspaper.


This development is “grease to the wheels” of the charismatic President of the REPUBLIKA SRBSKA - MILORAD DODIK and his propaganda machine. The SERB leader, who on a regular base, threatens to separate from BIH, allegedly knows of a secret ARABIAN plan to settle 500,000 WAHHABIS in BIH.

But even more renowned politicians, such as the AUSTRIAN Foreign Minister SEBASTIAN KURZ, recently warned of ISLAMIST tendencies in context to the growing influence of SAUDI ARABIA and TURKEY in the region.

Even GERMAN Chancellor ANGELA MERKEL warned of a looming military conflict on the BALKANS. She was referring to disavowals between BALKAN countries in regards to the current refugee crisis.

To reiterate ANGELA MERKEL, former UN representative for BIH, PADDY ASHDOWN, in early November 2015 reprimanded the international community because of their inaction on BALKAN issues: "Only a madman cannot notice the storm clouds looming over the BALKANS"

On the other hand one should not forget that BOSNIA, ALBANIA and KOSOVO are considered to be countries of retreat for FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAMIC groups, thus provoking instability within the BALKANS would be counterproductive for these entities.

Adapted and translated from German to English by Geopolitical Analysis and Monitoring, from the original article written by Wilhelm Theuretsbacher which appeared in the Austrian daily “Kurier”. 

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