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SAUDI foreign minister: His Royal Highness King SALMAN BIN ABDUL AZIZ shall make a history-making visit to the democratic state of ISRAEL in mid-July; the King wishes to follow in the footsteps of the late president SADAT of EGYPT

The SAUDI foreign minister , ADEL AL-JUBEIR in a joint press conference with his EGYPTIAN counterpart SAMEH SHOUKRY reiterated that SAUDI ARABIA wishes to establish a full-fledged diplomatic relations with the State of ISRAEL , hope to see the two-state solution achieved and a durable peace prevails in the volatile MIDDLE-EAST region.
"My sovereign, the King, May Allah protect Him, has been expressing his sincere interest since his auspicious coronation in 2015, to turn a new page on bitter ARAB-ISRAELI history. IRAN—  our arch enemy— pursues malicious attempts to cause yet another Arab revolt against the Jewish nation, thus we have a common enemy [IRAN] which must be vanquished through series of joint efforts," the GERMAN Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) quoted the SAUDI chief diplomat as saying.

But to preclude IRAN from exploiting the growing anti-ISRAELI sentiments in the region, added Mr. AL-JUBEIR, My King has this stunning temerity and great courage to end MIDDLE-EAST'S calamities and nearly 70-year endless PALESTINIAN crisis by officially recognizing ISRAEL as a JEWISH democratic nation and ultimately paying a state visit to TEL AVIV in mid-July this year , exactly as late EGYPTIAN President ANWAR SADAT landed at BEN-GURION Airport, opening the path for peace for next generations ," minister AL-JUBEIR told AFP, saying, His Majesty knows no fear in this regard and is ready to pay the price for a comprehensive peace with ISRAEL .We wish to see IRAN and its proxies suffer and seethe with anger.

"IRAN is like an insecure child who craves for international attention and I believe IRANIANS are completely detached from the reality by not accepting ISRAEL as an undeniable reality. Today, the democratic state of ISRAEL is the indispensable part of MIDDLE-EASTERN identity and I was personally enraged by TEHRAN'S preposterous support for these PALESTINIAN thugs that IRANIANS dub 'local resistance movements', stabbing innocent civilians in ISRAELI cities and streets," DEUTSCHE Welle cited the SAUDI minister.

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