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In 2011 we wrote:Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nato rules out military intervention in Syria

In today's online issue the EUOBSERVER confirmed what has been stated in this blog on Friday, 24 June 2011 that NATO will not intervene in the SYRIAN upraise.

See article link: retrospectives 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Global Society Gamblers


RATING AGENCIES, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, THE PARIS CLUB, THE IMF, brokers and speculator, all are part of the “CASINO FINANCE” the world is currently suffering from.  

  • RATING AGENCIES are private enterprises which in economic terms only purpose is to generate revenue and thus can hardly be considered as impartial.
  • Key RATING AGENCIES are solely AMERICAN based firms, thus adding to conflict of interest when it comes to bias ratings.
  •  Rating Agencies have no legitimate cause other then service the interests of brokers and speculators.
  • Spreading rumors on a countries default by rating agencies would probably not occur, if the rating agencies hadn’t spread the rumor in the first place.

Since the stock exchange with its brokers and speculators became addicted to “Casino Finance” the entire economic system relied more and more on the influence of speculators and thus dubious organizations as well as private rating agencies emerged and gained Eco-Political influence.
Not only are rating agencies in most likelihood influenced by large enterprises, but they also are private enterprises, which in economic terms are there to generate profits, thus such agencies can hardly be considered as impartial when it comes to rate countries and economies, especial if one considers that all key player rating agencies are based in the USA.
Despite this conflict of interests, Rating Agencies gained influence thanks to the “Casino Finance” trend on the stock exchange. Thus we have American Rating Agencies conducting ratings and evaluations on economies and countries around the globe, based solely on American Eco – Political interests.
Based on their ratings, which by no means have proven to be accurate in many cases in recent past, a country can tumble into economic and financial turmoil only because a rating agency deemed it necessary to downgrade it.

Rumors on a countries default spread by rating agencies, who service the gamblers of the financial markets and who sometimes bet on company bankruptcy and economy defaults in various countries,   would probably not occur, if they hadn’t spread the rumor in the first place.
Bias Rating Agencies have no legitimate cause other then service the interests of brokers and speculators. Since market speculation has become a key element in global economy it is time that Europe, Asia and Latin America counteract in creating their own rating agencies in order to create an equilibrium the predominantly American entity. 

AS I SEE IT:  Observing the current financial and economic crisis and the hype around the speculative financial market, one cannot dismiss the comparison to the MONOPOLY game, only in this case it’s a GLOBAL FINANCIAL MONOPOLY GAME with real people bearing the consequences.   
See background information on Rating Agencies

Friday, 24 June 2011


  • SYRIA cleverly exploits WESTERN Powers “ISLAMOPHOBIA”, the conflict with ISRAEL and the ethnicity conflict to its advantage
  • Risk of civil war with similar outcome as in IRAQ make Western Powers reluctant to support the fall of the current regime.
  • NATO member states lack both, financial as well as logistic capacity nor the political willingness to intervene in the SYRIAN conflict.
  • A new but in most likelihood instable regime in SYRIA is something TURKEY and LEBANON oppose for fear of spreading instability in their country.  

As stated in my previous article “THE ASSAD DILEMMA” it seems more and more likely that the SYRIAN regime is going to survive the uprising simply because it knows how to exploit the Western powers “Islamophobia”, the conflict with ISRAEL and the ethnicity issue. 
Furthermore it would not be in interest of the Western powers of having another unstable civil war like scenario in region, which would only play in the hands of IRAN.                                                                 
Western Powers still struggle with their misjudgment of the IRAQ invasion after “liberating” the country from SADDAM HUSSEIN. The chances of a similar scenario in SYRIA, at the doorsteps to ISRAEL and subsequent IRANIAN warmongering would not be something Western Powers would want, not only for political reasons but also for economic reasons. 

NATO as such is already stretched to its limit, both logistically and financially. Neither the US government nor the EUROPEAN UNION will be in the financial position to intervene in SYRIA in case of an escalating civil war, or in the worst case scenario, a confrontation between SYRIA and ISRAEL.  In which case SYRIA would most probably supported by IRAN. 

Besides WESTERN Powers, TURKEY and LEBANON are opposing a tumbling of the current SYRIAN regime, for fear of strengthening the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and other emerging JIHADI Sects, within the close proximity of both countries.

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